The St Pauls Protesters – We are the 99%

As a former activist I have a great respect for the protesters currently camped out in St Paul’s Square click here . Let’s hope it stays peaceful.

But, having made a career in PR and campaigning and I can already see where the wheels are going to come off.

Poor, or in this case, non-existent objective-setting.  “What d’ we want? Dunno really. When do we want it? Whenever. How will we know when we have it? Erm…”.

This is no-one’s fault. It’s a grass roots non-hierarchical organisation. Good on ’em. So I’ll rein back on the cutting sarcasm because they don’t deserve anything other than praise.

But they are, tragically, doomed to failure. Without decent objectives they’re efforts will dissipate into the ether. Nothing will happen. It’s a bit like a general saying “right chaps, march in every direction at once, and when you get there I’ll shout ‘stop’.”

Worse still, once the media get bored and look elsewhere, the police will have a free hand to crack heads.

Here then, are my suggestions for objectives – if you really want them.  Which I freely acknowledge you may not

  • An end to quantitative easing as the primary tool of economic policy. It’s not working, the money is just vanishing into bottomless balance sheets of banks.
  • Tax-funded programmes of Keynes-style public works. Borrow if you have too.  Housing, infrastructure, green economy.
  • New laws, yes I said laws, linking bonuses to performance.
  • A Tobin-tax please. Thank you.



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