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Research profile:
Founded on more than 30 years political media-campaigning and journalism experience, my research interests are in public relations, news-media and power. Researching the role of public relations practice in news-media coverage and the relationship between societal elites and political power. Public relations is central to the structures of power, its practices of media-relations (a subset of Public Relations practice) is central to elite-representation in the news-media. Additionally, the role of public relations is central to government policy-formation, a subset of practice that ‘cascades’ through central and local government and into field of practice such as the judiciary, the police and education. Public relations actors and agencies are present in all sectors, and act as channels of cultural capital which inform and influence, binding economic/business interests to those of government.

At the same time my investigative journalism has been bylined in the Guardian and the THES, as well as in regional titles, while my lifestyle writing has been used in magazines as varied as Coast and Esquire. I combine the skills of an accomplished media professional with those of a research academic to provide hard-hitting investigative stories to a range of media

As such my research interests include; critical public relations and power; critical public relations and news discourses; police public relations; political discourse and fake news; local news-media; targeted propaganda practices and big data.

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