“Bridge the gap…”

Written as part of a sales brochure – this creative copy described a clients journey from failure to success.

“The space between you mission statement and the way things really are; between grand strategy and day-to-day practice; between what you believe and your customers know.  We are the Bridge Group – one of the UK’s leading consultancies – with us you’ll cross the gap.

“STRATEGY is the keystone, without it, there is no span, no vaoult to the other side. Here, your designs succeed of fail.

“Our consultancy team is drawn from the senior echelons…


“Success or failure. The span looks sound. But now the final test – first one foot then the other.  The gap has never seemed so deep and so wide.

“Business success from constant feedback and review…


“This place has been home – the gap’s other side is territory unfamiliar and alien. Bridging the gap is a step into the unknown – a leap of faith based on your vision.

“Working with us you can manage the processes of change…


“The gap seems vast. Partners and competitors exhort you to success or failure. Now is the time to reach out and share you vision.

“Staffed by consultants, marketers, senior journalists and experienced PR professionals

“Here we stand. The void is spanned and both sides are known to us – vision and reality. With certainty we step out upon the way.”


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