GP has loses appeal against General Medical Council ruling

A GRIMSBY GP has lost his appeal against a General Medical Council ruling striking him from the Medical Register.

Dr Dinabandhu Sarkar was a GP at Blundell Park Surgery, in Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, and Stirling Medical Centre in Stirling Street, Grimsby between 2005 and 2009.

As reported, he was struck off the medical register following a GMC ruling in July 2011. Since then, he had been suspended from practising medicine pending yesterday’s appeal hearing.

At the appeal Mr de Mello, barrister for Dr Sarkar, argued the GMC panel had made an error in law in not considering a Performance Assessment before passing judgement, and that striking his client from the register was disproportionate.

However, following a four-hour hearing, Mr Justice Beaston rejected these two claims, stating there had been no error in law, and adding the GMC panel was best placed to set the level of sanction against Dr Sarkar.

In 2011, a GMC Fitness to Practise Panel had concluded, after 30 days of hearings, that Dr Sarkar had made a number of serious clinical errors. Its 42-page document says he misdiagnosed a heart attack as musculoskeletal pain, and wrongly administered adult doses of drug Pneumovax II to three infants.

The panel found he made a number of inappropriate prescriptions, failed to screen blood tests returned to the practice, asked the practice secretary to write referral letters and did not make proper patient notes.

The hearing also heard he failed to attend surgeries and was often late. He admitted being absent from surgery for 60 days between January 7 and December 16 2008.

In addition, it found he provided cover at other surgeries when he should have been at his own, he did not always provide locum cover when absent, or make sure he was contactable at all times while he was on call.

Yesterday’s hearing was told that Dr Sarkar, now aged 70, had retired. The medical register states he gained his medical qualification at Calcutta University in the 1970s, becoming a Grimsby GP in 1989 – practising medicine here for 20 years, until his suspension in 2009.

If he does not make a further appeal within 14 days he will be erased from the medical register.

The GMC barrister was awarded £13,000 in costs.


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