An experienced lecturer in media and journalism, I’ve worked at the University of Sheffield, Nottingham Trent University and the Birmingham City University in their journalism schools and department teaching at undergraduate an masters levels.

De Montfort University Lecturer 
Joining a team of former journalists and academics to deliver training to joint honours undergraduates studying Communications and Media Studies, a well as single honours undergraduates studying Journalism. Responsible for more than 100 students; lecturing, delivering seminars, shared mentoring and pastoral care. Administration – I have led the Political Reporting (public affairs) module, and have been responsible for its administration. In addition, I have been responsible for the day-to-day administration of class lists, marking and provision.

– Political reporting – De Montfort University – Current – leading to NCTJ examination. 20 undergraduates. 80 contact hours Design, delivery, examination and administration. Public affairs and administration, local and national government.
– Journalism and Society – De Montfort University – Current – 61 undergraduates. Design, delivery, examination and administration.
– Practical Journalism – De Montfort University – Current – 30 undergraduates. Design delivery, examination and administration.

Nottingham Trent University Lecturer/Module Leader 
Joined as Module Leader to redesign and deliver a failing module looking at how freedom of expression is being limited in modern democracies. The course looked at the role of public relations, law, the killing of journalists, ethics and journalistic norms. Teaching 60 undergraduate students, I had shared responsibility for mentoring and pastoral care. I supervised 40 students in their final-year dissertation.
– Limits of Liberty – Nottingham Trent University – 2016-17 – 60 undergraduates. What limits journalists’ ability to report the news? The politics of journalism, fake news, state secrets, media-law and journalism practice. Module leader; Design, delivery, marking, administration, marking.

Birmingham City University – Module Leader
Joint module leader for Media and Contexts teaching 60 students in the law, political economy and ethics of news-media. Responsible for administration, marking, course design and supervision, as well as the mentoring and pastoral care of students.
– Media theory and contexts – Birmingham City University – 2014-2015 0 40 undergraduates. Media theory at undergraduate level – Joint Module Leader; Design, delivery, marking, administration, marking.

University of Sheffield Lecturer/Module Leader 
Teaching on three courses, Writing for the News Media, Propaganda & Conflict, and Propaganda & Persuasion. In the former I acted as joint lecturer and seminar leader – alongside Dr Emma Briant – in a courses aimed at postgraduate students – the majority of whom were international students from China. Teaching writing in English, and western news values to this group was challenging, but allowed me to develop as a teacher. In the latter – Propaganda and Persuasion – I taught mature students. Both propaganda courses engaged critically with current discourses in which military psychological operations and big-data have entered into domestic usage. Propaganda and Persuasion – 2017-2018 – 20 mature students. What is the difference between propaganda and persuasion? How does this impact upon the actions of military thinkers, politicians and PR practitioners? – Module leader; Design, delivery, marking, administration, marking.
Propaganda and Conflict – University of Sheffield – 2015-18 Propaganda in a time of war– Seminar leader.
Ethics – University of Sheffield – 2017 – Seminar leader.
Writing for the Media – how to write news copy – Course leader 2012/2014.

I’m available for Hourly Paid Lecturer and Visiting Lecturer roles. Contact me at


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