Publications, conference papers and journalism:
Diprose, K., Fern, R., Vanderbeck, R. M., Chen, L., Valentine, G., Liu, C. and McQuaid, K. (2018) ‘Corporations, Consumerism and Culpability: Sustainability in the British Press’, Environmental Communication, 12(5), pp. 672-685.
Fern, R. (2019c) The impact of Police Public Relations on regional print news-coverage of Environmental Protest. PhD, University of Sheffield, Sheffield.

Conference papers
Fern, R. (2013c) ‘Are Regional Newspaper Environmental Correspondents Extinct’, LSE, PhD Symposium, London.
Fern, R. (2017) ‘The News-Gathering Role of Social Media in Regional Print Coverage of Environmental Protest’, Culture, Media, Equality and Freedom, Leeds.
Fern, R. (2018) ‘The role of protest-Ritual as fake news and propaganda in environmental protest’, Meccsa – Creativity and Agency, London.
Fern, R. (2019) ‘A field theory analysis of Corporations, Consumerism and Culpability: Sustainability in the British Press.’, Global promotion and mediation of UNSDGs. DMU Media Discourse Centre, Leicester.
Fern, R. (2019b)’Not even remotely fair. A field-theory account of public relations and fracking protest.’, Degradation: Profiting from Environmental Catastrophe, De Montfort University, Media Discourse Centre, 27/02/2019.

Book Reviews
Fern, R. (2016) Finks: How the CIA tricked the world’s best writers (Book Review). Available at: (Accessed: 01/06/2020).

Selected journalism
Fern, R. (2013) ‘Grey Penalty Area, Councils Claw Back Millions for Admin Errors’, Times Higher.
Fern[Halpin], R. (2013b) ‘Radioactive Materials Lost in Over 30 cases in the Last Decade’, The Guardian.
Fern, R. (2018b) Why journalism students (and many who teach it) will be glad to see the back of the Daily Mail’s editor. The Conversation. Available at: 2019).

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