Rape is endemic throughout humanity

When I worked for Oxfam as a Media Campaigner, reports would cross our desks from all over the world about Rape. It was routine; horrific and depressing – the stories haunting.

Owen Jones says Rape is endemic throughout humanity.  He is right. And I am sorry, because the things it says about us are chilling. His article is excellent, as is Emer O’Toole’s in the Guardian.

Emma rails against the West’s neo-colonial notions in attack Indian rape while ignoring her own.  Her point is well made.

She adds: “Neatly excised … however is the relationship between poverty, lack of education and repressive attitudes towards women, and, by extension, the role ofEuropein creating and sustaining poverty in its former colonies.”

This is interesting because it perhaps shows us a way out of Rape cultures everywhere. Education is the answer, not only in the classroom, but also in our communities.

But let’s start by not lying to ourselves.

Rape is everywhere. It is, in all but a tiny number of cases, a male problem. It is about power, not sex.

Men have a central role in raising male youth in how to deal with these issues.

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