Syria – another red line crossed

I think it was Kagan who said that if you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

And there is surely too much woolly-headed thinking going on about the issue of Syria.

Here’s a very interesting and well thought-out blog at Defence with A C   which manages to talk intelligently about this nasty vicious war.

Firstly, just because one side is ‘bad’ doesn’t make the other side ‘good’. Black and white thinking does not apply.

Secondly, this war is about to spread way beyond its own borders. See this piece by Channel4 News  – so let’s try to get just a bit real.

Chris at Defence with a C makes an argument for intervention to stop the chemical weapons falling into Hezbollah’s hands…well yessss. And then he shows why it’s a total non-starter…well yes.

So the Americans are now talking about arming the rebels. Ok, but didn’t we do that in Libya, and how did that work out for us?

Then again, weigh US involvement against Hezbollah’s support for the Shia muslims in Syria – and you can understand why they are suddenly so keen. See the Guardian here.

So I, like everyone else I guess, will keep watching the bloody hell of Syria, without much of a clue as a solution.

I’ll post more later – but if you’re not watching it yet, take a look at C4’s latest report this evening – another nasty twist.


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