The Nuclear industry and radioactive waste

It’s an old story – but then some of us are working on keeping it alive.

For my own part, I’m working with the Guardian on a big FOI-based story – breaking soon – so watch this space.  In the meanwhile the Guardian’s being doing quite nicely without me.

See Rob Edwards on Aldermaston  – Secret UK uranium components plant closed over safety fears and Mark Townsend – Battle for soul of the Lakes pits unspoilt nature against the lure of more jobs .

The National Audit Office is scathing in it’s review of Sellafield project management and finance – .

A pithier quote is provided here, by the Public Accounts Committee .

But for true laughs and giggles check out the annual HPA report on the transport of nuclear material. From couriers without licences, to nuclear trains hitting branches – the entire industry confused, under-regulated, under-resourced and governed by everyone from the HSE to the Department of transport: be afraid…

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