bdmlrI take a course to save the whales for BDMLR for Coast Magazine

See the full article here at  Wildlife rescue

An investigation into research-funding discrepancies


FoI request shows huge variations within RCUK over the extent of sanctions.

The research councils have clawed back more than £2 million from universities and other institutions in the past five years for failing to submit adequate financial and other reports….More


Radioactive Waste Materials lost

Bylined as Richard Halpin – this piece for the Guardian

Radioactive materials have gone missing from businesses, hospitals and even schools more than 30 times over the last decade, a freedom of information request to the UK’s health and safety authorities has revealed.


A Grimsby GP loses his appeal against being struck off- the Grimsby Telegraph

Dr Dinabandhu Sarkar was a GP at Blundell Park Surgery, in Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, and Stirling Medical Centre in Stirling Street, Grimsby between 2005 and 2009.

A thought leadership piece in Farmers Weekly

“Agriculture remains one of the most dangerous ways to make a living. It accounts for abut one in five work-related deaths every year, even though only 1.5% of the working population is employed in the sector.”

Esquire Magazine – Past Imperfect


“All around me men are puking and hacking their lives up. My single blanket is clutched to me. I don’t know what’s killing me, but I can’t stop shaking…”

Maxim Magazine – a few How To’s

How to...

“In meetings your main weapon is the agenda. Draft it with the minutes in mind…”

Sales Copy –

“Wind-power for our children’s children…scientists are developing sustainable green technologies to help fight climate change…”

Marketing copy for a new business brochure

“The space between your mission 

statement and the way things really are; between grand strategy and day-to-day practice; between what you believe and your customers know.”

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