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How to…survive the business jungle

How to...

How to...

You need eyes in the back of your head mate. Failing that, take some tips from the experts.

Politics is the art of the possible – Bismark said that, and he should know – so plan your long term strategy (“Two years from now, MD…five years, Chairman) and short term tactics (“I need to negotiate a new bonus scheme) realistically. Be aware of how your everyday work and the way your present yourself affects those plans.

Keep a diary, if something goes wrong you’ll want your story straight.

Read a quality newspaper every day. Take the journals aimed at your trade. Scan the shelves for your boss’s favourite management guru.

In meetings your main weapon is the agenda. Draft it with the minutes in mind. At least make sure your item is there, high enough on the agenda for the group to get to it, but not too early, because people are more alert and analytical, and therefore more critical, at the beginning of meetings. Cut deals beforehand, then arrive early for the pre-meeting bargaining.

Make friends with an secretaries or Pas who cross your path (and not just leggy blondes).  They type your letters and agendas, they’re the first to see internal memos, and they know the state of the firm’s finances. Appreciate their work…it’s a jungle out there, and you need all the help you can get…



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